Patient Satisfaction

At Glen Oaks Hospital, we remain focused on our goals through constant and ongoing monitoring of our systems, programs, outcomes, patient and referral source satisfaction. We use this information to constantly improve on our service delivery so that we provide the best possible treatment for our patients.

Patients complete a patient satisfaction survey after their stay at Glen Oaks and these surveys provide Glen Oaks Hospital with important feedback regarding our services. The survey asks patients to agree/disagree with statements related to the care they received on a 1 – 5 scale, with 1 = strongly disagree and 5 = strongly agree. Here’s how patients have rated us in 2017:


·      4.42 out of 5 =  I was satisfied with the unit/program staff 


·      4.50 out of 5 = I feel better now than when I was admitted 


·      4.47 out of 5 = Overall, I was satisfied with my treatment 

Additionally, below are remarks we’ve received from patients regarding the care they received at Glen Oaks Hospital:

“Thank you for everything that y’all have done. I just wanted to tell everyone as well as some of the patients that y’all truly saved my life. I will always be so thankful and I promise to pay it forward to those in need. Thank y’all for everything.” – Signed Previous Patient 2017

“In my darkest hour you guys provided me with compassion, showed a light and guided me out of the darkness. I will forever be in debt. Thank you with all of my love.” – January 2017

“Staff lifted my spirits when I was feeling down. I am so glad for everything yall helped me with and will not forget your kindness. Thank you.” – February 2017

“The stay here was very helpful.”  – February 2017

“It was perfect.” – February 2017

“Staff interacted with us in a very positive and pleasant way.”  – February 2017

“I think everyone was nice and I would refer this facility too anyone.” – March 2017

“I do thank everyone for my treatment and all the help I have gotten and communication with a lot of people and kids who have the same problem as me.” – March 2017

“This place is great!” – March 2017

“Everyone was wonderful! Thanks to all of you.” – March 2017

“Thank you all! I believe the treatment I received has worked and hope the best for yall. You all saved my life and I’m forever grateful.” – April 2017

“Everyone was so nice to me, the whole crew was perfect. I feel so much better. Keep doing what you are doing. Thank you for everything.” – May 2017

“Your staff is awesome, caring , and hardworking. They helped me through shame and shed tears with me, showing me understanding and helped me laugh again. Yall “get it”.” – May 2017

“Your doctor is the first doctor I had that I felt actually cared. He was sympathetic and extremely helpful. I was very impressed with the facility and staff. The staff treats you like a human being instead of just another patient. I felt safe my entire stay. This facility gave me hope and the tools I need to succeed.” – May 2017

“I came in to detox and was offered the New Freedom Program. It was very helpful and stayed focused on addiction and recovery. I feel like the staff did a great job taking care of me.” – May 2017


No cost assessments, 24/7
Admissions are accepted 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our trained professionals can assess you or your loved one and determine the most appropriate level of care. Our assessments are provided at no charge, because we are invested in helping you determine the best next step for your recovery. We welcome referrals by medical or behavioral health providers, caregivers, case managers, law enforcement professionals, educators, community agencies, clergy, employers, hospitals, family members, friends, former patients and patients themselves. Call us at 800-443-1109 to learn more.